Sustainability and Circular Economy Summit

PAST: Sustainability and Circular Economy Summit, May 9-10 – 20% Discount for CEC Members

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Join the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Fourth Annual Sustainability and Circular Economy Summit on May 9-10, 2018 in Washington, D.C.

The theme for this year’s Sustainability and Circular Economy Summit (#USCCFcircular) is Translating Value to Ignite Action. The event will explore how to effectively implement sustainable and circular strategies and will feature case studies, interactive breakout sessions, and hands-on toolkit exercises. Participants will better understand what has (and hasn’t) worked, what trends are emerging around these issues, and how to communicate the value of sustainability and circularity as a business strategy to a wide array of business units and consumers.

CEC members who wish to attend the conference can enter the code “SUSTY20” for a 20 percent discount to the event.

Event organizers believe applying sustainability and circular economy principles can bring enormous business value—through both risk mitigation and new revenue opportunities. Forward-thinking business leaders recognize the potential of this approach, but often find it difficult to communicate these concepts and their value internally and externally to consumers and value chain partners.

This annual convening attracts hundreds of thought leaders and practitioners from business, government, academia, and nonprofit organizations. Attendees will have unparalleled networking opportunities with industry leaders, like-minded peers in the field, and potential collaborators.

Come learn the practical knowledge, skills, and applications needed to most effectively leverage and communicate about sustainability and the circular economy, both within and outside your organization.

To learn more visit the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation website.


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