Saahas Zero Waste joins CEC

Today, the Circular Economy Club (CEC) welcomed its latest member organization, Saahas Zero Waste (SZW). SZW is a socio-environmental enterprise from India that helps businesses convert waste into resources.



Through their Zero Waste Programme, Saahas Zero Waste operates on site solutions for bulk waste generators and offers a holistic waste management approach offering training for segregation at source, collection, and processing of waste.

The startup is working from all angles to start building a circular economy for all types of waste that have viable destinations and is advocating the development of more destinations that extend the life of materials they handle in their city and throughout India.

CEC is proud to announce that Saahas Zero Waste’s Founder, Wilma Rodrigues, has been shortlisted for the Global Citizen Award for eradicating extreme poverty and solving our waste management problems, as they are managing over 25 Tons of Waste per day and have created safe and dignified careers for more than 200 people.

SZW’s Founder and CEO, Wilma Rodrigues, believes in persistence and practicality. Wilma has had a diverse career path – from being a tour guide and German language translator in the eighties, to a business journalist in the nineties, and for the past 16 years a pioneer in the Waste Management Industry. When not at work, Wilma likes to spend her time planting and nurturing trees, making compost and being around family.

Wilma Rodrigues and SZW’s team are keen on generating opportunities in India and will be an important CEC Member by bringing in knowledge and experience in implementing waste management.

SZW and CEC believe that solutions to current challenges require inter-disciplinary skills, multiple stakeholder involvement and partnerships. CEC’s Founder, Anna Tarí, welcomes the latest member of the club: “We are delighted to count on the Saahas Zero Waste as a pioneer member that is able to share best practices about waste management, and encourage the CEC community to vote for Wilma Rodrigues as a Global Citizen to recognise her contribution to the circular framework.”

Press contact: Daniella Castiel | PR Coordinator |

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