Share a Circular Economy Event in 1 click

If you are an individual or organisation hosting an event around the circular economy, you can now let CEC Members and readers know for free.

By filling the form below with the information of your event, the CEC core team will review and approve your suggested event and publish it as soon as possible. CEC only publishes events that are directly related to the circular economy in general, in specific sectors (e.g.: textiles, construction, energy, cities, etc) or expertise areas (e.g.: biomimicry, circular design, CO2 capturing, etc).

By submitting the form below you confirm that you have the rights to post the information about the below event and CEC will not be subject to any Copyright infringements. You also confirm that the links included are safe and hold responsible for it.

The event will be published in this site, it will include a link to your site and/or to the registration page. Most events are also shared in CEC’s Facebook & Twitter.

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