Stopping The Waste Before It Happens with MIWA (Minimum Waste)

MIWA is a Featured Member at the Circular Economy Club. The technological company from Prague (Czech Republic) designed a system allowing the transport, sale and purchase of goods with reduction of packaging waste to the minimum.

The startup is based on the concept of precycling: stopping the waste before it even happens.

MIWA’s system is a reaction to today’s transport of products from the producer to the consumer, which requires a massive amount of packaging. This situation, along with the customer’s requirement of maximum comfort when shopping, results in the unprecedented long-term unsustainable generation of excess waste. Although recycling is crucial for the future of our planet, it still contributes in part to its pollution and it only deals with an existing problem. The amount of recycled waste is increasing, as is the volume of toxins that it contains and which continue to burden the environment. Precycling, on the other hand, means not creating the problem of waste in the first place. MIWA wants to promote a society-wide change in the generation and handling of waste so that pre-cycling becomes the new social standard of behaviour for both businesses and the public.

How the MIWA system works:

    1. The producer fills the reusable capsules with their products.
    2. The capsules are then transported to the stores.
    3. Once in the store, the capsules are located on the sales floor in special storage-dispensing modular stands, so called “Bulk Modular System.”
    4. The customers get their goods directly from the capsule. They can bring their own container or get a returnable one in the store.
    5. When a capsule is emptied, it is cleaned and then returned to the producer for re-filling.


2 sources of business models:

  • The MIWA system connects producers, retailers and strategic suppliers and they operate all parts of the system for a fee.
  • Larger retailers implement the MIWA system into their processes with suppliers/producers and operate the system, while MIWA provides the technology and support service.

MIWA is now ready to launch the pilot project, which will take place in the Czech Republic. If proven successful, the entry strategy will be replicated in other EU countries and eventually in the US, Canada and possibly other countries as well. They are opening a showroom & info-centre in Prague in March, where MIWA will showcase their technology and organize events in order to raise awareness about waste prevention. “Education is crucial because if we want our solution to become mainstream, we need the public to know that waste prevention is possible, it has a positive impact on the environment and at the same time it makes sense economically and provides a comfortable shopping experience said MIWA’s Partnership Manager, Tereza Dohnalova.

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