Alice Beyer Schuch

cec-mentorAlice Beyer Schuch is the Founder of the German-based fashion consultancy Cirkla Modo and co-founder of the Brazilian consultancy ES-fashionShe completed her Masters in Sustainable Fashion and has more than 15 years of experience in the fashion arena. She is also an online tutor in the training platform SlowFashionNext (check her timeline).

Alice disseminates and implements circular strategies on design, materials, and business models. She supports companies, brands, educational institutions, and various platforms to accelerate the shift towards the circular economy. Alice Beyer Schuch organises and participates in workshops and courses and publishes educational information on circular fashion (link to her blog).

Languages: Portuguese (native), English (fluent), Spanish (fluent), German (good)

Mentorship strength

Circular design | Materials Sourcing | Business models | Circular Fashion

Alice Beyer Schuch tells CEC about her background

“I was 7 years old when I learned how to sew with an old sewing machine – a Xmas gift from my grandmother. From an early age, I was already familiar with vintage, repair, redesign, up-cycling, zero waste or slow fashion projects – even before these words appeared on the fashion dictionary.

In 2000 I finished my professional education and embarked into the fashion world. I have experience in small and big companies –  from sports to accessories brands – in a variety of different countries, including Brazil, Spain, and China.

One day, I decided to move from the conventional fashion industry to a sustainable and circular one. The need for this came to me in a very clear way. Actually, as clear as all rivers should be. As clear as those rivers that I’ve seen working around the world, hunting for the cheapest factories, to supply a vicious system with disposable products that do not cost more than few bucks but cost lives and damage the environment. At some point, I just reached the tipping point.

During the Sustainable Fashion Masters Programme in Esmod Berlin (2014), I started researching the circular model and focused my thesis on the chemical recycle of cotton textiles. This was presented at various conferences and events, including: the third International Conference for Fashion Business (Portugal), Greenshowroom Fair and Salon Show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (Germany), 1st Global Sustainable Fashion Week (Hungary), Exhibition Fast Fashion – The Dark Side of Fashion within the Manila Fashion Festival (Philippines) hosted by Goethe-Institut Philippinen.”


The main challenge when applying circularity

The circular fashion challenges are simpler on paper than in reality. Although many topics are theoretically solved, the big challenge comes when figuring out how to apply novel materials, processes, ideas, models, and behaviours.

Best tip for a circular startup

Don’t PANIC! As the concept is broad, it is easy to get lost among so many open doors. Start where you can, but keep the holistic approach, so you can develop gradually the path towards responsible fashion. Remember what Stella McCartney once said, “Everyone can do simple things to make a difference, and every little bit really does count”.

Hobbies: Sewing. Traveling. Looking at things from new perspectives. And of course, trying new food!

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