At the Circular Economy Club (CEC) it is crucial to connect senior experts on the circular economy with young students, professionals and startups who are trying to embed the circular economy in their projects. Parallel to the on-going CEC Mentors program, the club is running a series of Mentorship opportunities with the world’s leading circular economy thinkers who join the program as Guest Mentors.

CEC is offering the opportunity for a promising talent to receive 1-on-1 mentoring from Prof. Walter R. Stahel, one of the fathers of the circular economy. Click HERE to learn more.




In 2017, CEC launched the Mentors program, connecting senior CEC Members who have vast experience in implementing circularity with those who can benefit from their expertise. For speaking requests to CEC mentors or other engagements, contact Sarah Bishop, CEC Mentors Coordinator at






Adrián Velasco

Circular design | Product design | Strategy & Innovation

Adrián is Project Director and Business Developer in Escato and Circular Economy Associate Consultant in Ix Agency. Read more…

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Ana Maria Leal

Product Design | Ecodesign | Cradle to Cradle

Ana María Leal is a Sustainability – Ecodesign Consultant based in New York. Read more…

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Alessandra Ciarnò

Fashion: Procurement | Materials | Supply chain

Alessandra Ciarnò has extensive experience in the fashion supply chain, specially in sourcing and procurement, raw materials and vendors management. Read more…

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Alex Lemille

Social value | Impact assessment

Alex Lemille is the Founder of Wizeimpact and Co-Founder of the African Circular Economy Network. Read more…

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Alice Beyer Schuch

Fashion: Circular design | Materials | Business models

Alice Beyer Schuch has over 15 years experience in the fashion industry. Founder of Cirkla Modo and co-founder of the Brazilian consultancy ES-fashion. Online tutor in SlowFashionNext. Read more…

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Brieuc Saffré

Business model | Circular Design | User experience

With a Business Designer background, Brieuc Saffré co-founded Wiithaa & the Circulab network. Read more…

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Carlos León

Circular design | Zero-Waste | Business Models

Carlos León is a Partner of Group 381 and the Founder of Sustainn, a circular economy consultancy based in Spain. Read more…

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Catherine Weetman

Supply chain | Risk assessment | Permaculture Design

Catherine Weetman, author of ‘A Circular Economy Handbook for Business and Supply Chains’ (published by Kogan Page), helps organisations in the UK develop future-fit strategies. Read more…

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Daniel Gomez

Life Cycle Assessment | C2C Catalyst | Waste Management

Daniel Gomez, MSc in Environmental Engineering, is the Director of the Circular Economy Hub in Colombia. Read more…

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Daniel Newton

Strategy | Business models

Daniel Newton is a Sustainability Strategy Consultant at Accenture. Daniel is currently the Program Manager for The Circulars, the world’s premier circular economy awards program. Read more…

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Karla Solis

Policy | Waste management | Energy

Karla Solis worked for UNFCCC since 2007 supporting the management of the carbon trading architecture. From 2013 to 2016 Karla led the teams of UNFCCC Regional Collaboration Centres in Latin America and Caribbean. Read more…

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Ricardo Weigend

Design, develop & implement business models

Ricardo works as the Circular Economy Business Developer of ECOR in México. Ricardo previously worked in HEINEKEN-México for 10 years, mainly in supply chain responsibilities. Read more…

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Richard James MacCowan

Biomimicry | Design | Finance | Manufacturing

Richard is a designer and the Founder of innovation lab Biomimicry UK, and CEO of equine technology startup Smart Stable Limited. Read more…


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Susanne Yvonne Karcher

Integrated Resource | Waste Minimisation | Policy Development

Susanne Yvonne Karcher is an Environmental Consultant and MSc. Chemical Engineering. Read more…

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Tarak Nandan Sahay

Circular design | Product design | Strategy & Innovation

Tarak has worked with Tata group, Jindals Group in India and worked for Cleantech in Singapore and worked for Visionscape in Lagos. Read more…

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David Greenfield

Waste management | Strategy

David Greenfield is the Managing Director of SOENECS Ltd (SOcial, ENvironmental & EConomic Solutions). Read more…


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Emma Burlow

Resource efficiency | Circular business models

Emma Burlow is the Head of Resource Efficiency at the consultancy Resource Futures. Read more…

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Fredric Petit

Business Models | Innovation | Materials Science

Fredric Petit has over 24 years of experience in DSM, a Dutch multinational in life sciences and material sciences. Read more…


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Gabriella Gyori

Circular Procurement

Gabriella is the Procurement Category Manager at Vitra. She specialises in circular procurement. Read more…

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Gozde Taskin

Materials | Business models

Gozde founded the sustainable women’s wear brand, Rakha, in 2011 and created the charity Rakha PEOPLE to help train disadvantaged women communities in sustainable and circular garment making. Read more…

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Jasmien Wynants

Fashion: Design | Materials | Supply chain

Jasmien is Project Manager at Flanders District of Creativity and launched the online guide for circular fashion: Close The Loop. Read more…

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Jeff Lubrano

Business Strategy | Innovation | Design | Upcycling

In 2009, Jeff was nominated special adviser in charge of Communications to the Veolia Environment CEO in Switzerland. Jeff followed him in 2012 when he took charge of EDF Deutschland. Read more…


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Jose Alejandro Martínez Sepúlveda

Strategy | New business models

Alejandro Martínez is the Sustainability Department Director of the Institute for the Sustainable Entrepreneurship of Universidad EAN, and has over 8 years experience in the sustainability and Circular Economy arena in Colombia. Read more…

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Kevin de Cuba

Circular Policies

Kevin de Cuba is the Director of the Americas Sustainable Development Foundation (ASDF), Senior Fellow at Worldwatch Institute and Chair of the Circular Economy Platform of the Americas. Read more…

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Liz Dillingham

Fashion: Retail | Communications

Liz Dillingham is a Sustainability Fashion Consultant and Fashion lecturer. She currently mentors emerging fashion designers and businesses in most areas of circular fashion. Read more…

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Monica Pena Galan

Procurement | Supply Chain

Monica started researching about closed loop solutions in 2006 and has vast experience in identifying circular solutions and helping companies implement them in her role as Sustainability Advisor. Read more…

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Nicola Cerantola

Design | Business strategy | Education

Nicola Cerantola is the Founder of Ecologing and leads Espacio51, the incubator for circular projects ran by EOI Business School. Read more…


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Peter Desmond

Business models

Peter Desmond is the CEO of Growth International and the Co-Founder of the African Circular Economy Network, he helps SMEs in their transition towards a circular economy. Read more…

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Sharam Yalda

European innovation funding, Decarbonisation, Digitisation – complex systems | Business Models | Business Plans

Sharam Yalda is an Executive Partner at SOROS Gabinete where he focuses on European Innovation Programmes and advising about Regenerative Business Models. Read more…


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Dr Shrikar Dole

Circular design | Product design | Strategy & Innovation

Dr. Shrikar Dole is founder & CEO of SDG Foundation, with the objective to bring into focus the SDGs by challenging companies to develop sustainable business models. Read more…

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