London Waste & Recycling Board – UK

LWARB’s offering is flexible and can be tailored to suit the requirements of each project, within the limits of state aid legislation and LWARB’s risk appetite. The provisional capital allocation for the period 2015-2020 is £20m. Our investment products will include:

  • Project Finance
  • Corporate Loans
  • Growth Equity
  • Fund Investments

In addition LWARB is actively exploring ways to support start-ups and early stage ventures developing innovative circular models or products.

Eligibility Criteria:

Applications are welcome from those businesses that can demonstrate:

  • A strong linkage to London’s economy, such as being headquartered in the city, or with a substantial proportion of operations, supply chain or customers located within Greater London;
  • A robust, scaleable and deliverable business plan;
  • An experienced, high-quality Management team;
  • An existing funding gap. To note, however, private sector investment must have been secured.

There is no deadline to apply for funding – the available funds will be deployed on a first come, first served basis in line with LWARB’s strategic goals.

Any enquiry should, in the first instance, be directed to Jessica Brodrick (

Application process

Their Investment Committee ultimately makes the final decisions on all investment activity on behalf of the Board. The LWARB team has developed a robust due diligence process that assesses all opportunities against LWARB’s risk appetite and strategic aims.

  1. Initial Application – LWARB initial eligibility assessment
  2. Submission of Detailed Information
  3. LWARB Due Diligence, Financing Structure and Approval
  4. Contracting

More information: LWARB

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