PhD thesis on Evaluating Circularity along the Product Lifecycle – Partners wanted!

The Circular Economy Club (CEC) is committed to helping advance research in the circular economy field through giving visibility to research projects and enabling collaboration to make the projects a success.

This week, our CEC Member, Cecilia Maria Angioletti, PhD Scholar from the Politecnico di Milano University (Italy), approached CEC to seek support in her investigation. She is conducting an investigation on the potential of the Circular Economy to improve resources consumption along the life cycle of products. 

Cecilia Angioletti developed a circular economy “Assessment Tool” which will measure the circularity of a product throughout the product’s life-cycle. This Tool is now in its “Application phase”.  Click here to access the project slides.

The assessment tool allows to evaluate circularity performance indicators (based on resources consumption) for each stage of the product lifecycle, and then for the product as a whole. Hence allowing to highlight the most impactful processes, decisions and drivers on which to focus towards an improvement of the product’s circularity performances.

Cecilia is looking for partners who would like to test this assessment tool. In the partnerships, Politecnico di Milano will do a circularity assessment for one of the manufacturer’s products, free of charge. The results will be used just for academic purposes and will be kept confidential between Politecnico di Milano and the industrial partner. 

If you are a manufacturer of any size, especially if you have a vertically integrated supply chain that sources your own prime resources, you may find this test beneficial.

Date for project finalization: 31 December 2018

Examples of Questions that will be asked to participants

1. Why did you start modelling the way you do business according to Circular Economy principles?
2. Which kind of Circular Economy practices is your company applying in its business? From where did the “spark” come?
3. How do you measure the Circular Economy performances of the products you trade, your customers use and then someone manage once the products reach their end-of-life?

Partners will be asked to share information related to resources consumption along the product life cycle. They are not required to be able to share all the possible information, but at least forecasts.

Main outcomes that the PhD Student aims to get and share with involved manufacturers

1. The picture of the performance related to the management of resources along the life cycle of your product. These results will be translated into Circular Key Performance Indicators detailed at the single phase of the product lifecycle and for the product as a whole. The measures will account for resources and energy consumption by use of different CircularKPIs.
2. A map of the most “circularly” impactful areas (process, technology adoption, etc.) and potential steps/arguments for future improvements linked to opportunities for cost reduction, for value creation and exploitation.

WHO can become a partner
  • Any Manufacturing enterprise interested in the evaluation of products’ circularity along the product lifecycle
  • From any sector, including Electronics, Automotive, Transports, Machine and equipment, Furniture, etc
  • The size of the organization is irrelevant
  • Preferred if it has a vertically integrated supply chains
  • Light vehicles (production-maintenance-remanufacturing-end of life management). Example: Renault
  • Mobile phones (modular design-production-maintenance-remanufacturing-end of life management). Example: Fairphone
 This project is being done by a PhD Scholar from the Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and the Circular Economy Club (CEC) is supporting the communication of the project in quest of helping advance research in the circular economy field.

For expressing your interest in having your product assessed please write to


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