Closing the Loop by Turning Waste into Accessories with Globe Hope

Globe Hope is a Finnish company which was born when Seija Lukkala came up with the idea in 2001. She had been a clothing entrepreneur for 13 years when she started thinking about how she could contribute towards sustainable development. Seija wanted to go against the trend of disposable fashion and overconsumption.

The brand is committed both in their design and production to the principles of sustainable development, and want to offer consumers an ecological alternative.

Globe Hope turns items regarded as ”waste” into a resource; much like a natural system, materials are fed back into the cycle to create all sorts of accessories and complements.

The Finnish brand designs and manufactures ecological products from upcycled and discarded materials. Through re-designing and re-sewing, left over and old materials are turned into new and unique clothes, bags, and accessories.

A slow fashion brand, meaning that they make long lasting, eco-friendly products and fashion. They believe in quality over quantity – choosing high quality products that last long is simply the way to go. Globe Hope strives to give all its products longevity.

Focusing on Circularity during the Designing Process

When designing their products, the brand enforces circular design by choosing good quality materials that are fit for purpose and give each product a long user life.

Their production is done mainly by subcontractors, which are sewing houses of various sizes. As ethical working conditions are a key factor for them, they personally visit all the premises. To minimize transportation distances and the related pollution, the company does its production in Finland and Estonia.

The brand only uses existing materials, therefore reducing the need for virgin resources. The product design starts from the available materials and supports local production skills.

Even though the products are made to last, it’s also necessary for consumers to use them for as long as possible and to take good care of them. Therefore, the brand offers repair services for their products and gives tips and tricks for re-usage and recycling of their products.

Regarding packaging, they offer the option to use RePack packaging, which is an all inclusive circular packaging service. If a customer needs to return or exchange a product, they can simply use the RePack to send it back.

The company works together with numerous companies and organizations to create custom designed products for their procurement needs. Globe Hope reuses marketing materials and workwear among other materials, and turns them into new products.

Old advertising banners can be made into laptop covers, bags, business card holders and document sleeves. This way retailers can offer bags made from their own advertising flags, instead of plastic bags. These unique and dual branded products can also be used as giveaways, gifts and event or promotional items, all while being a practical way for clients to communicate their sustainable values and ecological choices.

“Unfortunately we’re still living in a throw-away society. The world does not suffer from the lack of material, but a lack of the right mindset.” said Globe Hope Founder, when sharing that her company is constantly working to change that mindset by educating their consumers and increasing their awareness via various campaigns.

For more information visit www.globehope.com or contact info@globehope.com

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