Circular Economy Symposium

PAST: Circular Economy Symposium, May 14-15 — 20% Discount for CEC Members

­­­NEW DELHI—The second edition of the Circular Economy Symposium is slated for May 14-15, 2018 in New Delhi. The event seeks to capitalize on growing efforts within India to decouple resource use from economic growth, as well the recognition that these endeavors are both pertinent and essential in a rapidly evolving global economic landscape.

Symposium organizers believe it is imperative to look beyond the linear “take, make, dispose” model of growth, and instead strategically move towards an approach fit for longer-term planning. By embarking on a circular economy transformation, they say, India could leverage its expected high levels of growth and development to build a more resource-effective system. This transition could create value for businesses, the environment and the country’s citizens.

Circular Economy Symposium

Achieving these benefits will require leadership from Indian businesses during the transition phase, as well as policymakers simultaneously creating conditions conducive to success. Other stakeholders—such as nonprofits, academia and international organizations—can play important supporting roles by sharing knowledge and participating in local collaborative initiatives.

To that end, the symposium aims to bring together national and international experts, as well as decision makers from the sustainability industry, startups, government and academia to showcase innovative strategies and practices that will enable the Indian economy to achieve sustainable economic growth.

Circular Economy Club (CEC) members attending the event are entitled to a 20 percent discount. Enter the code “CEC20” when registering.

Event: Circular Economy Symposium

Date: May 14-15, 2018

Location: FICCI Federation House, New Delhi


E-mail: ces (at) ficci (dot) com

Registration:  HERE

For discounts/ registration requests, please contact deepa (dot) chaudhary (at)


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