LAUNCH Innovation Challenge 2017: Design & Manufacturing for Circular Economy

Imagine a world where every product was a service. A future of zero ownership. A future where all products were designed to last, to be reused, repaired and recycled keeping products and materials in the loop. This year LAUNCH Nordic invites up to 10 innovators to join a design revolution to help make Circular Economy a reality.

GLOBAL CALL FOR INNOVATORS: Join the Design Revolution to Accelerate the Circular Economy by submitting your innovation via LAUNCH’s website.

LAUNCH Nordic is a partnership between IKEA GroupNovozymesKvadratThe Danish Ministry of Foreign AffairsThe Danish Environmental Protection Agency and Region Skåne. LAUNCH Nordic is seeking innovators globally with the potential to create a shift in the way we design and manufacture for a circular and inclusive society. The goal of this challenge is to help accelerate these innovators’ businesses, so they are looking for innovations that are anywhere from pilot-stage to ready-for-market.

This is your unique opportunity to join and gain access to the LAUNCH network of industry pioneers, government, investors and previous innovators to collectively work to build and accelerate your innovation.

This will include receiving personal mentoring and help to test, pilot and scale.

Design & Manufacturing for Circular Economy – LAUNCH Innovation Challenge 2017 from LAUNCH Nordic on Vimeo.

Deadline for applications will be September 1, 2017.

In October 2017 the top 10 innovations will be selected and participants will take part in this unique acceleration program.

LAUNCH Nordic seeks to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable society through open innovation, industry collaboration, and global systems mobilization. It was founded in 2014 in collaboration with LAUNCH, a strategic partnership between NIKE, NASA, The U.S. Department of State and The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), with the goal of harnessing the strengths of the Nordic region to accelerate innovation in sustainable materials.

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