Being the CEC representative in your city or university is an exciting endeavour. To provide you with clear instructions and top tips from CEC’s experience, the CEC Support team prepared a comprehensive toolkit to facilitate every step you will take. This toolkit is necessary for both new and veteran organisers, lead organisers and team members. At every stage of event planning, it should be your first stop.

A) CEC events format

Which kind of sessions could you run? How often? Which format do you choose to fill your event anyway? No worries, the CEC Support team will walk you through this critical undertaking in the planning process, step by step.

B) Volunteers + staff

If you’re going to organise great CEC events, you’ll want to recruit a small but great team. How do you get started?

C) Venue + sponsors

Selecting the right venue and creating a budget for your events is quite straightforward. CEC prepared the below information to help you run successful sessions.

D) Promotion

With the CEC brand as a back-up, you can anticipate to have a full session. However, promoting your session in a smart way can drive up your attendance.


E) After each CEC local event you run

  1. Upload the best 10 photos of your session to the CEC Facebook group and CEC Linkedin group, including the title, date and the note ‘by CEC YourCity’; and
  2. Update your CEC page with information about the next event.

F) After a year running CEC local events

The CEC Organiser License has a validity of 1 year since the application date. To renew your license:

  • Ask 2 people out of your CEC local network to send an email to patricia@CircularEconomyClub.com (max 100 words) supporting your re-application to the program including their opinion on how your events went and what is in their opinion the impact you are creating in your local community (we will add this Review to your public profile at CEC if you wish to); and
  • Re-apply to the program via the form, including in the text a 4-5 bullet-point summary of your CEC activity throughout the year and the link to your event photos uploaded to the CEC Facebook and Linkedin groups.

Thank you for your interest in CEC and passion for the circular economy. If we act collaboratively and globally, we can have a real impact, and that’s why we are together in this exciting endeavour.

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