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Apply to become a CEC Organizer and help lead the transition towards a #CircularEconomy in your city, your company, your university or school.

The Circular Economy Club (CEC) is the international non-profit network of over 2,600 circular economy professionals and organisations from over 60 countries. CEC is voluntarily run by its members with the aim to create and connect the circular economy community and embed circularity at a local level.

As a CEC Organizer, you will be the visible face of CEC in your city, university or company, bringing CEC to life through events, marketing and social outreach, connecting with local industry and facilitating networking.

What it involves

  • Organising activities under the CEC brand. Formats can include a: hands-on workshops, start-up pitches to mentors or investors, panel discussions, tours around companies embedding the circular economy, social networking events (e.g. breakfast briefings, after-work drinks, dinners), reforestation weekends, etc.
  • Events must embody the spirit of CEC: the power of connecting stakeholders and forming true collaborative partnerships.
  • Events can be focused on specific industries and their work in circular economy or more on the generic principles around circular economy

What are the benefits to you

  • Building your professional network.
  • Exposure to circular professionals locally and globally.
  • Lead the implementation of the circular economy in your city and be a key asset for action to happen.
  • Learn about circular projects and professionals and about best practices happening worldwide.
  • Be the one who unleashes new ideas, inspire and connect the best circular leading individuals, mentors, investors and organisations to make the transition happen.

License and Funding

CEC will allocate a one-year location-based or institution-based CEC Licensee to an Organizer, which can be renewed on an annual basis. You must live in the city for which you are applying for the license.CEC events are only named after cities (ex.: CEC New York) or Universities (ex.: CEC Stanford University).

CEC is a volunteer endeavour; hence it should not be used to make money for yourself. You may, of course, find sponsors to fund your events. Local CEC Events must be planned and coordinated independently by the holder of the CEC Licensee and follow the guidelines and best practices of the Organizers Toolkit.

For enquiries please contact

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Area of Focus for your CEC activities (industry specific or generic) throughout the year

City or University where are you would like to use your CEC License to run CEC activities

Estimated dates when you plan to host your initiatives throughout the year

Professionals or organisations you hope to invite to your events

Sponsors you are planning to approach

The whole team at CEC very much welcomes your interest in becoming a CEC Organizers. Together we can learn from best practices globally and drive local action.

When you click Submit you are Accepting the CEC Local Organisers License Agreement,
please make sure you have read it:

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