If you missed the application date to become a Mapping Organizer during the Mapping Week (5-11 February 2018), consider applying to become a CEC Organizer to run a mapping session in your city at any date during the year and check this Step-by-Step GUIDE on how to run a mapping session.

Planning a Mapping session is an exciting opportunity to build your profile while helping the transition towards a circular economy. To help you run a smooth and successful event, we have put together a comprehensive checklist, with clear instructions and top tips from our experience. Please review this checklist and refer back to it at every stage of the event planning, regardless if you are new or a veteran of event organising, it will most certainly help you.

A) Session  structure + how to map circular initiatives

How do I develop a mapping session? We will walk you through this step by step in the planning process.

B) Volunteers + staff

If you are going to organise a successful session, you will want to recruit a small but great team. How to get started building a team?

C) Venue + sponsors

We recommend securing the venue, sponsors, and picking your event day by the 15th of December 2017.

Selecting the right venue and creating a budget for your Mapping Session can be pain free, read through the documents below to find out how.

D) Promotion

We highly recommend promoting your event to secure a full room ahead of the 15th of January 2017.

With the support of the CEC brand, you can be confident that you will have a full session. However, promoting your session in a smart way can drive up your attendance.


E) Upon the completion of the Mapping Session, remember to send CEC:

  1. Your grid with circular economy initiatives mapped in your workshop (Template 1 OR template 2);
  2. The names and emails of all your attendees; and
  3. High quality photos from your session.

If you have any question or need further support, please do not hesitate to contact Patricia Noble, Coordinator of the CEC Organisers program:

Thank you for your interest in CEC and your passion for the circular economy. If we work collaboratively and act globally, we can have a real impact and, that’s why we have come together on this exciting journey.

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